Financial Aid Practitioners of South Africa (FAPSA)


Ms. Busisiwe Sithole 


Dear Colleagues

The 2012 Financial Aid Practitioners of South Africa’s Conference marks the beginning of a new decade since its inception in 2001; in 2011 we celebrated the 10th year anniversary of this association of the people who are at the cold front of the Financial Aid Administration and Management. As we begin this new decade by attending this conference, let us remind ourselves of the reasons, goals and objectives of the establishment of FAPSA, and these are:


To promote the best practice for student financial aid administrators in this field of service


·         Promote professionalism of practitioners

·         National forum to discuss student funding

·         Promote development and leadership

·         Serve the interest of donors and students

·         Promote programs of student financial aid

·         Facilitate communication between donor and student

·         Promote research, conferences and workshops.

·         Analyse and review IT system enhancement

As we participate, engage, discuss and deliberate on issues at this conference, let us align our efforts in making sure that we build towards the attainment of these objectives, and strive to build necessary capacity in the entity that is a Financial Aid Practitioner to contribute meaningfully in the development of our country South Africa.


Colleagues, welcome to the 2012 and the 11th FAPSA Conference and AGM, hosted by an institution with so much rich history, the University of Fort Hare, in a beautiful  coastal town of East London and a wonderful province of the Eastern Cape. I believe that at the end of this conference, we will all come out much stronger as an organisation and much wiser as Financial Aid Practitioners in our different roles and capacities in this field.


You are welcome



Busisiwe Sithole

President: FAPSA